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Dear adventurers and nature lovers


My name is Nathalie, I am 26 years old and grew up in the beautiful Basel area.

I am a trained specialist in childcare, a licensed skydiver and a thoroughbred explorer.


I was lucky enough to grow up billingually (German - French) and, thanks to a long stay in the USA, I speak fluent English.


I've been spending my days off and in the Jungfrau region for years. Here I can relax and unwind while snowboarding, hiking, paragliding and climbing.


I am an open, sociable and

established personality who likes to embark on new adventures. My nature-loving, calm manner paired with a lot of energy and a great urge to do things set me apart.


I would like to show people from all over the world a small part of our small but beautiful country and give them an insight into our culture and traditions.


And into the Mountains I must go, to loose my mind and find my soul. 

       John Muir 

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